Believe it or not, I am a generous cat, and I like to help promote charities. Also, I am a self-serving cat, and I like to promote literacy, because I figure the more people out there that read, the more that might read my blog and also the books I review. Also, the more people that read, the more empowered and intelligent they will be, and then the world will be a better place for cats because in my experience, people who read tend to value cats, and also, they become more cuddly. So everyone wins. Please consider supporting these worthy organizations this holiday season and spread the word!


10 Charities That Encourage Reading

by Diana Dilworth

“During the holidays, many people are looking for charities to contribute to help out. To help encourage literacy, we have put together a list of 10 charities that promote reading. For your exploration below, we’ve listed the name of the charity, their mission statement and linked to their site . . . ” Read more!


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One thought on “Things I Steal: 10 Charities That Encourage Reading

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