Welcome to The Squirrel Review!

I am a cat named Squirrel who loves books. I decided to start this highly sophisticated magazine because it is my understanding that cats are very popular on the internet, and books have been feeling neglected because they are less furry and sometimes have cold, hard covers, even though they can be extremely cuddly, warm and loving if you can get them to open up a bit. So, I’ve decided to exploit your love for me in order to steal your attention and redirect it to what I love most: books.

But Squirrel, you say, isn’t that a little manipulative and gimmicky?

Well, yes. But I don’t feel bad about it. You people manipulate me and divert my attention all the time, like with those infuriating tiny red dots from laser pointers that dance and dance but refuse to let me sink my claws into them. You get me to chase after them and jump for them, and then you laugh at me. So really, it’s all fair. Don’t worry, though. I don’t mind when you do that. I actually have fun. So please have an open mind and trust that when I manipulate your attentions, too, it’s just because I want to show you a good time.

Reading is so much fun.

I am a curious and promiscuous cat and thus a curious and promiscuous reader. I flirt with and fall in love with many types of books, like thick juicy novels, field guides on birds, children’s books, true crime, you name it. I will follow my curiosity to the death. When I was a kitten, abandoned on the rough streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then adopted by my editor from a kitty shelter (I’m the one formerly known as “Ashy”), I was missing half my whiskers on one side. That’s because I had an irresistible urge to inspect the gas flame on the stove. It was blue, yellow, flickering, and pretty. I live on the edge.

*Side note: I continue to like fire to this day despite my better judgment.


So if you are curious like me, by all means poke around my site. I don’t just review books with a highly nuanced rating system; I write an advice column on life, love, and literature called Ask Squirrel; I opine about things in the Editorials section; I like to steal things that other people have done, but I do this in order to share them around, not squirrel them away. And if you would like to cuddle, I’m game.


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P.S. Below are some memes to post in places in the event that you feel inspired to do so. As a promiscuous cat, I enjoy being shared around. You can also follow me via my editor on Facebook and Twitter.

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