When I decide I want things, like hair elastics or Q-Tips or make-up brushes, I am determined to get them and you can’t stop me. I’ve deduced how to open night stand drawers and gnaw on the zippers of make-up bags when I know there’s something I want inside. I don’t give up. When I like things, they become mine. I follow my passions. It’s how I roll.

In other words, if you post content that interests me on your website, I am going to take it and add it to my collection of stolen things here:

Shop Indie Bookstores IndieBound is a Squirrel-approved way to buy books from independent sellers. I’m an independent cat, so it follows that I like independent things. Also, lots of independent bookstores have cats in them. So.

10 Charities that Encourage Reading via Galleycat. Believe it or not, I am a generous cat . . .

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